Welcome and thank you for your interest in The Academy of Scientific Research and Technology ASRT,

As the president of ASRT, the Academy of Scientific Research and Technology, I take up this position at a time when Egypt is facing unprecedented challenges, and this requires bold steps and innovative solutions to support people and government to find science-based alternatives to support socioeconomic sustainable development.

The last two years have witnessed hard work to restructure ASRT, analyzing science, technology and innovation (STI) system in Egypt, prioritizing the challenges and proposing innovative and applicable solutions in order to promote its role to address the society demands.


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 The development plan relies on many pillars:

  • Enhancing the performance of ASRT as national think tank and house of expertise, deliberate country problems and propose scientific solutions, strategic studies and technological roadmaps through reformation of ASRT specialized scientific councils (SSC), putting very clear standards for selecting members (ASRT fellows), allocating a proper fund, creating data bases and digital library
  • Monitoring, evaluation, and benchmarking Egyptian research institutions through establishing Egyptian STI Observatory (ESTIO)
  • Internationalization and Branding of ASRT as National Academy through establishing new partnerships and activating existing ones.
  • Inaugurating new bylaws, funding mechanisms and initiatives to support and complete the cycle of innovation, holding public and private partnership, using social innovation and developing local manufacturing , all of these have been done through ASRT new programs: JESOR, Intilac, Support of Graduation Projects, Knowledge and Technology alliances (KTA) and Research Networks
  • Raising the awareness and promotion of scientific culture & thinking , addressing science to society by:
     -Co-producing TV program and series like Cairo innovates, and Al Azhar series.
     -Initiating Children university, and Innovators League
  • Developing rural areas, changing the policy of ASRT regional research and development centers into technological incubators and embassies for knowledge
  • Encouraging participation of women and youth in STI and scientific leadership through Scientists for next generation (SNG) and Egyptian Young Academy of Science (EYAS)
  • Renovation, maintenance and changing ASRT to green building (Solar Energy and green roofs), Establishing conference & training center, and Cloud and Supercomputing Central core facilities center

As you visit our website, you will discover much more about our diverse programs, achievements, various fields of Research and facilities, I would like to invite you to join us and take part in developing STI in Egypt