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The Academy of Scientific Research and Technology (ASRT) has a very important and unparallel role to encourage and appreciate excellence in STI; ASRT annually awards various types of prizes to eminent Egyptian Scientists;

State Prizes:

  • Three Nile Prizes (one in science and two in advanced technological science ASRT awarded each L.E. 400000 and gold medal).
  • Ten State – Merit Prizes (five prizes in the fields of Basic Science, Agriculture, Medicine, and Engineering, while the other five for advanced technological science serving those fields each one is L.E 200000 and gold medal).
  • Seven State – Excellence Prizes (in the fields of Basic Science, Agriculture, Medicine, and Engineering and advanced technological science L.E. 100000 and a silver medal each).
  • Forty States – Encouragement (L.E 50000 each).

 Laureates of those Prizes are also awarded suitable Medals in the fields of Agriculture, Engineering, Medicine and Basic Science.

ASRT, following the same rules and regulations as the State Prizes, also awards 52 specialized Prizes in various fields, including: Environment (8 prizes), Agricultural Sciences (5 prizes), Engineering and Development (3 prizes) and Medical Research (14 prizes).

As a national organization, ASRT is also entrusted with the nomination for several regional and international prizes, e.g. King Boudoin's Prize for International Development, Kuwait's Foundation Prize for the Advancement of Scientists, Calinga's Prize for the Popularization of Science, King Faisal's Prize for S&T, the International Prize for Environment, the Albert Einstein's Prize, the Abdus Salam Prize, and the Sasakawa Disaster Prevention Award.

Scientific Fellowships contribute to the development of human resources working in S&T, generate opportunities to honors-graduates to participate in scientific research issues and optimize their capabilities.

For more details please follow: http://ar.asrt.sci.eg/index.php/awards