ASRT Efforts to raise the awareness and restrain the plagiarism:

  1. Follow-up publication quality in research centers by ensuring the absence of any cases of plagiarism in what comes out (articles patrols, MA and PhD dissertations, projects, etc ....)
  2. Evaluation and recommendations on cases of scientific plagiarism submitted to the Academy in all fields.
  3. Raising the awareness and providing guidance towards establishing a sound scientific publishing rule and that academic potential in the work of workshops and training sessions in how scientific writing common mistakes that lead to the existence of any form of scientific plagiarism.
  4. Provide technical service for asylum service of the authors to ensure the safety of tenderloin to be published.
  5. Issuing guidelines for the ethics of scientific publishing, according to the latest innovations.
  6. Work as a coordinator between the various committees and councils regarding cases of scientific plagiarism
  7. Follow-up and issue periodic reports and statistics on cases of plagiarism and scientific data published in collaboration with the Observatory of the Academy
  8. Provides leading tools for plagiarism checking and research authenticity to universities & different academic (iThenticate account).