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Workshop on the National Program of Knowledge & Technological Alliances


Under the patronage of Prof. Ashraf Elshiehy , the Minister of higher Education and Scientific Research and Prof. Mahmoud Sakr, the President of the Academy of Scientific Research and Technology; the Academy has organized a workshop on“ Egypt for Knowledge and Technological Alliances” on Sunday June 5, 2016 at Pyramisa Hotel , Giza with the participation of Egyptian Universities and Research institutions , national industrial sector, NGOs, and relevant Governmental organizations .

Prof. Elshiehy declared that this program will be implemented within the Ministry strategic plan of Science, Technology and Innovation and its one of ASRT`s major national programs that will make a linkage between Scientific Research and Industry and the Society demands. Prof. Sakr declared that the aim of the program to deepen the local manufacturing ,  to pool and network national competences in universities, research organizations, NGOs and industry to drive innovation and technology transfer for solving national pressing problems.

The program is focusing on:
- Deepen local manufacturing (DLM)
- Petrochemicals
- Pharmaceutics and vaccines
- Biotechnology
- Renewable Energy
- Textiles
- Food Industries
- Water Desalinization
- Microelectronics