"Science and research are by definition international" the Academy of Scientific Research and Technology (ASRT) has a major role to foster contacts between scientists and researchers in Egypt and abroad.

International cooperation provides:

  • Access to new knowledge, foreign skills and training opportunities that may not be available on the national level.
  • Exchange of scientific publications and periodicals.
  • Avoiding the costs research duplication.
  • Enrichment of political and social relations between countries.
  • Opportunities to establish multidisciplinary research activities and teams.
  • Favorable basis for international funding.


State`s policy towards International Cooperation

The state's policy, in the field of international cooperation, mainly aims to develop and enhance the Egyptian relations with other countries around the world in the field of S&T, as well as investing Egypt's international relations so as to serve development targets and merge them with world economy. This is achieved through establishing networks and signing several agreements which provide the necessary financing for the various benefiting governmental bodies in order to implement their projects

The ASRT in International Scientific and Academic Organizations

The ASRT plays an active role in international research policy through its membership in various international organizations as well as in a number of other international committees and networks

International Partners and Bilateral Agreements

In order to carry out its activities in the interest of research, the ASRT maintains partnerships and relations with a large number of partner organizations on all continents. In many countries around the world, formal agreements continue to be a necessary prerequisite for cooperation in the field of science and research.


Egypt - EU Science and Technology Cooperation

For more info please follow:  http://www.stip.eg.net/