Graduation projects “My project- My start “is one of the programs that the Academy of Scientific Research and Technology launched for funding graduation projects for students of the final years of applied faculties. This initiative comes as a belief that youth are often the key innovators and creators that provide the intellectual capital needed to grow strong national research and innovation systems.




Selected student graduation projects are funded through ASRT with a maximum of EGP 75.000 per project. The submitted projects are evaluated and sorted, and the projects with the highest scores are chosen to be funded.


Fields that the program support

Furniture- Decoration-Dairy production – Textile – Green Technology- Food industry – Handcraft – Programming – internet of things- Disabled Programs- Robotics- Cartoon films productions- waste recycling- Water and Energy – Logistics- Petrochemical industry – chemical industry- Adaptive marine farming


The Program provides:

Financial support for developing prototypes

Long term and short term training programs in the field of innovation and entrepreneurship

Attending national and international conferences

Incubation within the frame work of Intilac Program (ASRT incubation program )

Assisting in obtaining patency, if necessary .


Submission System

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