E- KTAs is a cluster of partners working across the innovation chain, focusing on the national industrial sector(s) where the main innovation actors are positioned in the driving seat for an effective technology development. In this context, E- KTAs aims to pool and network national competences in universities, research organizations, NGOs and industry to drive innovation and technology transfer for solving national pressing problems.




10 partners including at least one participant from Universities, Research Institutions, NGOs, local authorities and at least 3 participants from the Industrial sector.



Up to 10 M L.E


Industrial sector FOCUS:

  • Automotive industry


Operational Objectives:

  • Exploiting the underutilized potential of the Egypt research strengths to deliver greater returns in the product and labor markets;
  • Developing effective collaborative links between different pools of expertise to create a critical mass for an advanced innovation
  • Promoting the development of innovative products and processes where market failures lead to suboptimal provision;
  • Strengthening the capacity for entrepreneurship through creating new startups and increased realization of the potential value of research;
  • Addressing disparities in innovation capacity at the national level by developing and sharing the knowledge of the returns to the new models of innovation practices and governance.


Submission System

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