JESOR is one of ASRT new initiatives aiming at establishing solid and sustainable bridges of cooperation between Egyptians, outside and inside EgyptObjectives:

  • Contributing to development efforts to rebuild the country capitalizing on Egypt’s own resources and expertise.
  • Engaging Egyptian scientific professionals abroad in tackling national problems through collaborative research and innovation projects.
  • Reducing the impact of brain drain & Supporting national capacity building
  • Transferring latest know-how and cutting edge technology from developed countries to Egypt through Egyptian professionals abroad.







JESOR-D offers a grant up to 1 million EGP for each successful applicant based on the published calls for proposals. Proposals are submitted by public or private Egyptian organizations aimed at tackling local or societal challenges where some of the tasks will be carried out or supported by Egyptian Expert(s) in Diaspora. The engagement of Egyptian expert(s) abroad is a must during the implementation phase.