A leading and effective role for young Egyptian researchers and scholars in the science and society interface which would support sustainable development  of Egypt based on science and technology.


Creation of an enabling and encouraging environment for young scientists in Egypt’s STI system as the main pillar of a knowledge-based economy.


Objectives :

To create an enabling environment for young scientists,

To promote networking among young scientists,

To guide talented young researchers for worldwide scholarships, grants, and prizes.

To  build bridges  with Egyptian expat scientists,

To encourage interdisciplinary research teams,

To qualify young researchers to actively participate in the formulation of national STI strategies, foresights and roadmaps,

To promote the value of science, innovation, invention and scientific thinking and culture in the society.


Types of membership:

Full Membership  (150 members at full capacity):

Members of EYAS are PhD holders working or affiliated to Egyptian institutions or in Diaspora. Membership is for three years. Every year, around 40-50 members are selected. Age limit is 40 years at maximum at the application deadline.  Applications are accepted at median career-point profile within 3-10 years from PhD. The selection of candidates will be carried out on competitive basis based on qualifications and general selection criteria, and will represent the diversity of different disciplines, gender, minorities and regions in Egypt.    

EYAS Affiliated  Associates (30 members at full capacity):

Talented high school students, undergraduate students and inventor.

General Selection Criteria

Holding PhD within the past 3-10 years

Working or affiliated to a research institution, university, R&D sectors of private companies in Egypt.

Having a track record of societal commitment and/or international collaboration.

Demonstrating excellent scientific accomplishments (e.g. publications in relevant International Journal and series, patency and/or scientific prizes)

Familiar with science and technology policy, global communications and international programs

Displaying leadership qualities

Having excellent communications skills and English Fluency.


Call for application:

The call for EYAS membership is opened annually on April. The first call was in 2014 and it was as follow:

1000 visitors visited EYAS website and we got 500 full applications and they were divided as follow:

All the applicants were divided among the five committees of EYAS as follow:


First members of EYAS with President El Sisi




Achievements of EYAS 

Increasing public awareness for science and enhancing science communication (Science Days ) 


Creation and maintenance of channels of interaction and communication between diverse local groups and scientific communities to build a strong society with scientific awareness and preferences. EYAS members held several science days under the title X-Files. Those days were held in different universities as : Cairo, Banhaa, Mansoura, Alexandria, BeniSuif ..etc to:


  • Increase the public awareness and make science the key element in the society.
  • Create a culture where the public feel science, engineering and technology are relevant to their lives.
  • Open up new channels of communication between the scientific communities and the public.
  • Invest the spare time and energy of the young people and kids during the summer vacation in science activities.
  • Publicize science through simplifying the complex scientific information to be easy, interesting and available

Survey on the state of young scientists 


Play an active role in human capital development and the mentoring of young scientists in Egypt to better understand the challenges which meet young scientists and hinder their achievements. 

Feed directly into the planning, development and implementation of EYAS activities in order to have a meaningful and sustained impact on the science arena in Egypt. Impact on science policy reform in relation to postgraduate students and postdoctoral fellows, and initiate the necessary programs and support actions for young scientists in Egypt. 

Survey Design 

  1. It will comprise four main sections;
  2. Section one explores general demographic data and the profile of participants.
  3. Section two describes the respondent’s current academic situation [focused on motivation for study and academic indicators, researching in coherence with strategy plans of their departments, teaching duties etc.
  4. Section three evaluates the current status of system from young scientists’ perspective, including supervision, skills development, intellectual atmosphere, infrastructure, clarity of goals and expectations and their overall satisfaction.
  5. Section four asks the respondents to add any further comments with regard to the topic under investigation

Preparing for the first international conference“ women in Science without boarders “(WISWB) 

WISWB is organized under the patronage of Egyptian senior and young academies (ASRT and EYAS). WISWB is supported by Wellcome Trust- UK and the Arab Science and Technology Foundation (ASTF). This event will be held in Cairo, Egypt from 21-23 March 2017 and is intended to serve as a conference committed to communicate cutting edge research from around the world in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) including medicine. Participation is not limited to women but it is open for both men and women scientists. Cross-disciplinary talks are encouraged and not limited to issues associated with women.

Suggestions for improving the performance of EYAS 

The main obstacle that is facing the members of EYAS is that most of them don’t have time to dedicate to the activities of EYAS, this affects its progress negatively. That’s why we need to : 

  • Make some changes on the criteria of selection, mainly allow non PhD holders to be full members of the academy.
  • Add school students and undergraduate university students to EYAS as affiliated members .