The Egyptian Government has launched the Egyptian Knowledge Bank (EKB) on the 9th of January at Cairo Opera House in parallel with the Youth Day celebrations. The project is by far the largest online knowledge hub that gives students, researchers and the public access to free education and scientific publications worldwide.

The president's media office announced that the Education and Scientific Research Council signed agreements with 26 international publishing houses, as part of the Egyptian Knowledge Bank project, making it the largest digital library in the world.

The digital library includes the publications of the world's largest publishing houses as of 9th of January 2016.

The publishing houses include Springer Nature, National Geographic, Discovery, Elsevier, Cambridge, Oxford and Reuters, Britannica, among others. The library will cover all areas of knowledge and educational curricula.

Any Egyptian inside the Egyptian territory only will be able to grant free access to the portal. The portal has four sub-portals to address a wide range of internet users; the children, students, researchers and general readers portals.


The Academy of Scientific Research & Technology is proud to be an active part in this Mega-Science-Educators project:
ASRT through it’s 40 years+ of experience in serving the S&T community and raising the science awareness, supporting internationalization of Egyptian Journals through publishing agreements and services with world leading publishing houses, as well as operating national research & education network, and operating the two major research links running to Egypt “GLORIAD and GEANT”, hosts and operate the Egyptian Knowledge Bank Datacenter at the S&T Private Cloud & Grid computing center opened at early Jan 2016.

The Egyptian Knowledge Bank is the first phase of the national scale S&T Private Cloud & Grid Computing Centre;” S&T-CGC”, that meant to provide ICT services to research community through a portfolio of cloud services starting from Mail services, Web hosting, virtual machines, VDIs, cloud file sharing and file-vault services, etc, in addition to grid computing capacities and services for the high demanding research projects.

The Academy will also help in hosting the Egyptian National Repository of S&T Literature, through it’s experience in S&T literature documentation and publishing skills gained through 10 years with international publishers and already covers 83 Egyptian journals right now, that will be even expanded through the presidency initiative under EKB name to form a national scale coverage.