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FameLab 2017

FameLab 2017

FameLab® Egypt Terms and Conditions

  • The competition in Egypt is organised by the British Council and the Academy of Scientific Research and Technology.
  • The aim of the national FameLab competition is to identify and nurture the best talents in science communications in Egypt.
  • Participants must be 18 – 40 years old, permanent residents of Egypt, and pursuing studies or working in a scientific field.
  • Employees of the British Council and ASRT and their next of kin are not allowed to participate in the competition.
  • Each participant will be given a maximum of three minutes in which he/she would present to the panel of judges and the audience an entertaining, original and scientifically accurate talk without using PowerPoint or other electronic presentation tools. The contestants will be judged on the content, clarity and charisma of their talks by the panel of judges.
  • Each participant should be prepared to deliver a second talk, if he/she is selected to perform in the final round of the local competition/heat.


Participants must complete and submit by 10 January 2017. The application form is available on the British Council ( and ASRT ( websites.


  • Applications are screened and successful candidates will be notified in writing to the email address provided on the application form one week before the heat they have selected. Candidates must reply to this email to be eligible to attend that heat. On the day of the heat candidates must register at the venue during the times mentioned in the acceptance email. Anyone who fails to register on the day risks not being allowed to participate if we have already reached the maximum number of candidates for the day, which is32.
  • Completed application forms will be submitted to the panel of judges selected by the organisers.
  • The competition winners will be announced on the British Council website and the Academy of Scientific Research and Technology website, The winners will also be notified in writing through the email address provided on their application form.
  • The prize for the ten participants who qualify for the final round is to attend a weekend MasterClass in Science Communication, where they will have the opportunity to work with a British science communicator/media trainer to improve their presentation skills. The finalists must attend the MasterClass in full; otherwise they forfeit their places in the Egypt Final Competition.
  • The talk in the local heats and the Egypt Final Competition must be delivered in the Arabic language.
  • The winner of Egypt FameLab 2017 competition will attend the Cheltenham Science Festival in the UK in June 2017, where he/she will participate in the FameLab International Competition together with the other international winners.
  • The winner consents to appear in related promotional material and to have his/her name and photo or video used for the purposes of promotion by the organisers, without receiving any remuneration or indemnity.
  • The data that the organisers collect in the framework of this particular competition will be used exclusively for the needs of this competition, for statistical purposes, as well as for communication with the winner, unless stated otherwise during registration.


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