The Specialized Scientific Councils are the main implementing arms of ASRT, as house of expertise and think tank.

In 2009, the structure of the SSCs was developed in order to support the role of the Academy as a house of expertise that provides trustworthy scientific advice, future studies and strategic plans on important public issues to the policy makers and the community with the aim of serving the Egyptian community through twenty specialized councils in Basic and Applied Research, Engineering, Health, Food and Agriculture, Environment, Energy, Industry, Space, ITC, Water, Economy, Humanities, Ethics, Culture, and Strategic Planning.


The SSCs` objectives:

  • Identifying and promoting the best practices in S&T to provide all possible assistance to the development of S&T in Egypt.
  • Enhancing the integration of scientific research & technology planning with the overall national development plans.
  • Drawing the policies that ensure the closest links between the R&D community and the national development priorities according to the field of specialization of each council.
  • Planning technological development programs that fit the national economic and social objectives and the marketing of technical know‐how.
  • R&D management.
  • Conducting studies in the fields of Modern and Future Sciences and Basic Academic Research which can be translated to final products and services, focusing on thematic areas of national development priorities.
  • Evaluating the status of S&T in the different fields of researches.