Specialized Councils are considered as strategic think tank and bowl of thought, a national think tank in all fields of science, technology and innovation. They include a selection of scientists and specialists in Universities, research centers and the various sectors.

 The Specialized Councils consist of the Studies and Planning Council which is responsible for coordinating the work among 19 Specialized Councils ( Ethics Science Research Council - The Social sciences , Humanities and  population Research Council - Economic and Administrative Research Council , Medical Research Council - Culture and Knowledge Council - Future Studies and Risk Management Council-  Road , Transportation and Traffic Research Council -Communications and Information Technology Research Council - Housing and Building Research Council- Petroleum and Mineral Resources Research Council -  Environment Research Council - Animal and Fish Wealth  Research Council - Drug Research Council - Basic Sciences Research Council - Agricultural and Food Research Council - Space and Remote Sensing Research Council - Power and Energy Research Council - Water and Irrigation Research Council - Industry Technology Research Council )


      Creating a scientific community capable of rooting knowledge and understanding in all fields, solving the problems facing society, and taking advantage of the manpower involved in scientific research.

Mission :

    Strengthening  the links between the scientific and technological research institutions, and production and services bodies, then directing them towards serving all developmental issues on the scientific basis for achieving national goals and visions


The SSCs` objectives:

  • Preparing strategic plans and roadmaps in all aspects of science as well as developing terms of reference for national projects, programs, initiatives, and campaigns according to Science, Technology and Innovation Strategy.
  • Cooperating in assessing outcomes of projects and programs that will be funded on a competitive basis.