The National Committees comprise of a group of 15 outstanding scientists of national and international high reputation in different areas. All of them are staff members in the Egyptian universities and research institutions

The National committees are established mainly to:

  1. Take advantage of specialized international federations or corresponding international organizations, and follow-up their studies and the conferences they carried out and the follow-up activities to the benefit of the national scientific community in the field of work of the Committee.
  2. Represent Egypt in the international federations and transfer the Egyptian society priorities and open the channels to participate in its work in the area of competence.
  3. Submit activities and studies proposals that the Committee plans to do within the framework of the ASRT`s Strategic plans.
  4. Organizing symposia and conferences on subjects of public concern, as well as on recent technologies and advancements for the transfer of expertise in the field of specialization including to the benefit of Society.
  5. Take part in Scientific publications and brochures , introducing the scientific local and international Magazines to the society
  6. Prepare annual reports about International Federations` activities; Suggesting priorities of national research projects to be announced by ASRT
  7. Introducing consultancy and studies to research projects submitted to ASRT and to applicants.