The academy of scientific research through 25 years of experience of serving the S&T research community with ICT services, launched the National S&T Private Cloud & Grid computing center

The centre aimed towards providing the state-of-the-art technologies in research centric core facility services, following the latest technologies and trends in software as a service, platform as as service.

The centre inaugurated with the national mega scale project Egyptian Knowledge Bank, as it hosts the EKB platform, databases, search engines, national repository, and serving 90 million Egyptians.

The centre will upgrade the basic ICT services and offload research institutes from the IT burden and needed skulls as to maintain, update, secure, and avail services such as file & collaboration platforms, with mobile apps, email services, hosting services, virtual servers and virtual desktop services, as it will provide it asks ready packages for research institutes.

The centre features Grid computing center that is connected with CERN the European nuclear centre and serve all researchers with application in need for high performance computing capabilities.