Academy of Scientific Research and Technology organizes Cairo Innovates in November each year to disseminate the culture of the scientific exhibitions in order to simplify the scientific concepts, and to strengthen the Arab and international relations in the field of the scientific knowledge and advanced techniques.

The vision is represented in the importance of the youth role in these events and to what degree they benefit from them. These events help the youth shape his scientific attitudes according to its scientific talents and hobbies through their participation in training courses on the advanced techniques through these scientific exhibitions.

This event is a meeting for the inventors, creators, businessmen, investors, banks, donors, the civil society establishments and the mass media, in order to disseminate the culture of the invention and creation, and highlight the role of the invention in the economic development, and break new grounds for the invention-based small and medium industries.

- The inventions are subjected to international arbitration committees to select the best one on them

- The financial awards are distributed as follows:

  • Awards for the best inventions in general
  • Awards for the best graduation project
  • Awards for the best technology marketing and transferring bureaus
  • Awards for the best inventive project
  • Awards for the best inventors
  • Awards for the best newly emerging technological companies
  • Awards for the young inventor (less than 16 years)

Third International Cairo Exhibition of Innovation Program



Is a new TV show; and it is one of the several programs of the Academy of Scientific Research and Technology that aims at discovering talented and innovative persons in the Egyptian society.

The Show comes in the framework of the national initiative entitled “Community: learns, thinks and innovates”. The idea of the program is based upon a challenge between the competitors through presenting prototypes of their innovations. The results will be according to the discussion between the juries, and the judgment of the audience. The winner from each category will get a certificate of appreciation and the trophy of the Academy of Scientific Research and Technology; in addition to a research and development project for incubating the winning innovation until it is developed to a product (the fund will be determined according to the nature of the innovation and the decision of the technical committee).

A dead heat will be among the best five innovators from all the categories to select "Egypt Innovator". The winner in this stage will get the certificate “Egypt’s Innovator” and the Trophy of ASRT, in addition to another prize money (100.000 EGP). The final Episode of the show will be during the opening ceremony of the Second International Cairo Exhibition (19 November 2015)



It is a national competitions aiming to reach, through the obligatory education establishments in cooperation with Ministry of Education, Ministry of sport and youth, Ministry of Culture and Al Azhar, all inventors, provide support for the best youth’s invention, and employ it for the sake of the development purposes in its first version in March 2016.