International Cairo Exhibition of Innovation is an initiative of ASRT to create an annual innovation market, where innovators, technology transfer centres, technology companies, enablers and others meet and share their ideas. The Exhibition is open to the public. The idea of the Exhibition comes from the keenness of ASRT to spread the culture of innovation, encourage creativity and create chances for young people to present their innovative products or projects.

Cairo Innovates - Cairo International Exhibition of Innovation aims to stimulate scientific innovation in Egypt through creating a hub that excites people about science and research, connects innovators to enablers and key stakeholders, and allows local innovators to exhibit and commercialize their inventions.

The two days event includes sessions, workshops, competitions, panels, and inspiring stories of rising talents. Cairo Innovates includes an exhibition of the latest inventions and innovations, an interactive “Makers Campus”, and a “Junior Scientist” area with a special focus on stimulating the culture of innovation to increase the country’s productivity and competitiveness, and reducing poverty and inequality.

Cairo Innovates Offer Exhibitors:

- a platform to meet and contact with manufacturers, industrial sector, investors, users and entrepreneurs

- to share their success stories and achievement with professional visitors, journalists and public

- have good opportunities to commercialize and market the inventions and products

- meet and exchange experience with professionals of the same interest

- to be a winner of one of the prizes and awards of the Exhibition

who can participate?

  • private inventors & researchers
  • industrial and commercial companies
  • universities
  • research institutions
  • national, regional and international organizations
  • innovation associations
  • NGOs
  • exhibitors to present their activities, services, programs


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The belief of ASRT of the importance of the media in the dissemination of scientific research. So the ASRT thinks about producing a competitive scientific character of a TV program in the field of innovation and invention entitled “ Cairo Innovates Program "

Providing an opportunity for Egypt`s inventors and innovators to present their ideas and their work directly to the community, and proving the opportunity for investors to translate these ideas into business and market products that can compete in the local, Arab and international markets.

The ASRT is pleased to announcethe openingof the second season of the Cairo Innovates Programme.

The ASRT presents valuable prizes for the winners in the program as follows:

  • Award of Egypt’ first innovator: 150000 EG
  • Award of The first category {researcher, student, free} 10000 EG .
  • Award of The second category {researcher, student, free} 750000 EG .

Applicatians are welcome starting 12 March till 11 of May 2017

If you want to apply, please fill the form in the attached link : click here



It is a national competitions aiming to reach, through the obligatory education establishments in cooperation with Ministry of Education, Ministry of sport and youth, Ministry of Culture and Al Azhar, all inventors, provide support for the best youth’s invention, and employ it for the sake of the development purposes in its first version in March 2016.