Role  of Technology Innovation Commercialization Offices

Technology Transfer Office (TTO)

1-Design and create data bases for all technologies, knowledge, and patents available to the bodies affiliated to the offices based on the survey specified for this      purpose, and classify these knowledge, innovations, and patents.

2- Follow up for the marketing and promotional activities of the patents, innovations, and technical applied knowledge for the beneficiaries.

3-Design specialized databases for applicable innovations and patents, and connect them with the final beneficiaries database.

4-Work on finding the new ideas, support and care of their owners, and provide them with suitable atmosphere.

5- Assist in developing the prototypes and half manufactured models.

6-Encourage effective connection between scientific research and the needs of the Egyptian society, which can occur through providing the research institutions    with the all information about the actual needs of the Egyptian market related to the priority areas.

7- Encourage entrepreneurship by creating investment opportunities based on local technologies.

8- Support and promote innovation, and technology transfer  and commercialization inside the execution bodies , communities, and industrial associations , which  located nearby as a first precedence. 

 9- Support the research and technological needs of micro , small , and medium firms in order to improve their technological capabilities and meet their needs.

10-Prepare economic and comparative studies aiming to determine the economic feasibility of the available technologies.

11-Improve capabilities, qualifications, and efficiency of human resources working in the field of technology transfer through training programs at home and    abroad.

12-Conduct periodical survey and studies for local and international technology markets.

13- Technology Evaluation & Technology Valuation.