The Technical Support, Monitoring and Impact Assessment Office (TSMIAO) was established by ASRT's Presidential Decree No. 10 of 27 January 2016.


TSMIAO includes 13 specialized members, who are experts in many fields such as: Agriculture and Nutrition, Engineering and Energy, Medicine and Pharmacology, Biotechnology, IT and Electronics, Animal production and Fisheries.





  • Editing technical reports on the current programs, projects, and initiatives, in addition to measuring
    the return on investment in scientific research
  • Analyzing the results of the outputs, and making the required presentations and comparative studies
  • Providing technical support for the president of the Academy of Scientific Research and Technology
  • Selecting reviewers for evaluating projects, programs, initiatives and grants proposed to the ASRT
  • Designing evaluation samples for projects and programs according to objectives and budget
  • Defining and developing follow-up plans for programs in collaboration with programs' supervisors


  • visiting sites of the implemented projects
  • Reviewing and evaluating the progress reports
  • Organizing specific workshops to encourage presenting proposals in vital themes



Types of reports


  • Project reports 2015/2016

Conferences and workshops

  • Workshop “Kitchener Drainage Channel ... Challenges and Solutions”
  • First Forum “ Scientific Research Outputs”