Scientific Instruments center it was established in 1955, it is one of the centers affiliated to the Academy of Scientific Research and Technology

It is staffed by 11 engineers and 20 technicians and 105 specialists in the disciplines of electronics - for Electricity mechanics - Optics - refrigeration and air conditioning

The center's activities represented in:

- The manufacturing and repair and maintenance of scientific and laboratory equipment, computers, Design and manufacture of scientific equipment and laboratory devices use half industrial.

- The training of human resources on the maintenance, repair and manufacturing of scientific laboratory equipment

- Cooperation with the Arab Organization for Education, Culture and Science in the field of training


Facilities available in the center

1- Workshops for production and repairing such as:

Workshops mechanics - electricity and electronics workshops - electricity and electronics workshops - glass, optics workshops - workshops refrigeration and air conditioning.

2- Training rooms and laboratories such as:

Training room on the mechanical drawing - Training on Optics and business glass lab - training lab for the computer repair - training for air conditioning and refrigeration