The International Cooperation and Foreign Conferences Department is one of the four departments affiliated to the General Administration of the Scientific Relations.

 The department is mainly responsible for preparing the plan of the Academy for the international conferences and scientific meetings held abroad in cooperation with the Foreign Ministry, then doing the administrative measures needed for the nominees of the Academy    in order to attend these scientific gatherings during the financial year.

 The department then receives reports from the scientists and young researchers who attend the international events according to this plan about their scientific visits, recommendations of the conferences and latest findings.

It collect all these reports and organize national symposiums and meetings to conduct discussions and studies about the critical issues that can introduce great service for the Egyptian scientific community.

 The department assumes an important role in translating scientific studies and making the necessary publicity and advertising for them among the research institutes and scientific centers, also for  different national scientific events such as conferences, symposiums, and meetings to help the young researchers in being aware of the most important scientific events in Egypt.


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