Mission Department is considered one the most important departments that boosts the Egyptian scientific community. This is done through informing community with the scientific updates on regional and international level. In addition, working hard to find communication between the Egyptian youth researchers and their counterparts abroad in the various fields of science. This is accomplished through three mechanisms:

  1. Contributing to support the sessions, training courses, and domestic or international conferences in Egypt workshops (on the margin of the conferences) for the research centers and institutes in addition to the Egyptian universities. The Academy financially supports such institutions.
  2. Supporting the travel to various countries to attend scientific activities abroad. This is provided to help the Egyptian researchers from Egyptian universities, and various research centers and institutes in the expenses necessary for them to participate and provide scientific papers in the conferences to be held on the regional and international level.
  3. Supporting the talented individual or group students participating in international competitions for different universities and schools.
  4. International scientific fellowships


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