Our mission is to change the present, reshape the future, and learn for life. We live with our kids and other persons, grow with them and plan for every minute they spend with us. Life is about change not permanence; it requires skills rather than knowledge.
Our mission is to help learners discover their potential, identify their strengths and cope with their differences. We equip learners with tools and skills to maximize their achievements, learn from their mistakes and build on their success.


Our vision is to become the leading educational institution and others that helps future generations unlock their fullest potentials, improve the way they learn, and empower the way they live.
All our programs are built with a profound passion about reading, an aspiration for discovery, blended learning experiences, a solid academic content and a handful of fun.


Our Activities
We believe the development of the Egyptian and Arab education through:

  • Adaptive and personalized learning techniques that take individuals differences in consideration.
  • Multidisciplinary Education will lead to real innovations and creativity by crossing the borders between educational subjects.
  • Project based and Design based is the educational experience needed for our region that enhances students, teachers, schools and universities skills and work on future challenges with new solutions.
  • Focus on STEME Education (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math and Ethics) leading to a high growth and return Future by creating Scientists, Innovators and Entrepreneurs of Tomorrow.
  • 21 century Skills are main skills that students should gain to stay competitive and adaptive to the challenges of the century.
  • Arabic and English languages are important in Education and Scientific thinking and Innovation.
  • Students should learn self learning and self earning for a better future.
  • Students should learn how to ask questions rather than answering known questions.
  • The Future of Successful use of Technology in Education will be based on both technology and human interaction.
  • Equal opportunities in Education are the only way to unleash any countries talents.
  • Also a lot of different skills and developments that we provide.
  • Egypt National Science Month