ASRT has inaugurated an STI observatory for monitoring progress in science, technology and innovation in Egypt, as part of its efforts to promote the development of a knowledge-based economy and provide decision-makers up-to-date information on scientific and technological trends in order to enable them to effectively engage in policy-making on STI issues. . Egyptian Science, Technology and Innovation observatory (ESTIO) was launched on February 2014.


To be a repository for Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) data and a source of policy analysis in support of evidence based policy making in Egypt.



  • Provide to Egyptian decision-makers up-to-date on scientific and technological trends in order to analyses or justify the planning, financing and management of S&T activities.
  • Monitor Egypt's scientific and technological development.
  • Properly design, measure, analysis, develop, and monitor basic STI indicators using a well-defined and documented methodology
  • Comparative analysis with other countries.
  • Identify and develop a set of specific STI composite index to measure and compare multi-dimensional concepts of science and technology.
  • Conduct specific science and technology foresight exercises.
  • Measure the performance of research centers and universities and measure the needs of industry.



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