ENSTINET provides IT and marketing services to raise information awareness and manpower development. Its objective is to assist Egyptian problem solvers and decision makers to access and apply quality data and relevant current information to development.


To become the national information service facility equipped with the latest information Technology, run by the best staff members who render the most efficient services to the scientific community.


To Bring Knowledge to bear on Human Problem Solving for the Socio-Economic Development of Egypt.




  • Raising standard of locally produced scientific literature.
  • Raising the Rank of the institutions (i.e. 25% of Academic Ranking of World Universities is for publications).
  • Raising awareness about sound scientific publishing & authorship.
  • Capacity building for editors-in-chief.
  • Increasing the visibility of locally produced scientific research.


S&T Literature Documentation:
The Start: 1984 the start of building Egyptian Databases. Documentation of Egyptian Literature Egyptian S&T bibliographic database STEB. No of documents with full text: 300 000 records. No of digitized pages: 11000000 Pages.


International Publishing Challenges

  1. Raising the quality of local journals and internationalizing the S&T literature through several agreements with largest publishing agencies worldwide.
  2. Over 80 journals published in Elsevier, LWW, MedKnow, with listing in Scopus & ISI.


International Cooperation

ENSTINET represents the ISSN “Int. standard serial number for journals” office in Egypt. Represents ISIL “Int. standard identifier for Libraries” office in Egypt.



ENSTINET provides various services:

  1. National Research & Education Network (NREN):
    • ENSTINET manage, operate, monitor, & further develop the National Research & Education Network, that connects 12 research centers, and 22 universities in cooperation with EUN.

  2. Provides access to International Global Research & Education Networks:
    •  ENSTINET represents the only access point to international Global Research Networks, such as GLORIAD, & GEANT.
    • Such International Global research networks provides high-bandwidth links to over 12000 research center and university worldwide.
    • The service is provided free of charge to all research centers connected through NREN and to Universities through inter-link with EUN.

  3. S&T Private Cloud & Grid Center:
    • ENSTINET manage & operate the largest S&T Private cloud & grid center in Egypt.
    • The center feature Grid computing facility connected with CERN in Europe, for high-energy physics experiments.
    • The center host the current traditional datacenter that serve all research centers.
    • The center is developing a private S&T cloud center to server the entire S&T community in Egypt and the region, the center hosts currently the Egyptian Knowledge Bank Portal and more national projects/services to follow.

  4. Video conferences Facilities:
    • State-of-the-art videoconferencing equipment.
    • Point-to-point (2 parties) and multipoint (up to 4 parties) conferences.

  5. Databases:
    1. Bibliographic Databases Scientific and Technical Egyptian Bibliographic Database (STEB): A unique collection of Egyptian literature on S&T published in Egypt. Each database record contains full bibliographic data in addition to a decent abstract.
    2. Non-Bibliographic Databases

  6. Internet services:
  7. Provides the Egyptian research community with a full 24/7 online and onsite access to global information resources via the INTERNET, through its own Fiber Optics leased line and providing un-matched Internet services relying on our partner's experience.


For more information : www.sti.sci.eg