The roots of the Intellectual Property in Egypt go back to 1951 when it was established by law no. 132/1949. The New Law 82/2002 protects the utility Models, Layout‐Designs for Integrated Circuits and Undisclosed Information.

EGPO is the sole national office responsible for registering and issuing patents. It is accredited by WIPO as regional searching authority and plays key role in technology transfer, IPR protection and creation of enabling environment for STI‐based business and investment.



The EGPO represents Egypt in: 

  • WIPO since 1975
  • Strasbourg agreement since October1975
  • PCT Treaty since June 2003
  • Paris convention since 1951
  • TRIPS agreement since 1995






In September 2009, during the international meetings of the General Assembly of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), the Egyptian Patent Office was accredited as an International Searching Authority and International Preliminary Examining Authority (ISA/IPEA) under the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT), and it is currently authorized to accept patents applications from all over the world.

The EGPO established basic electronic services for local and internal community (website and basic search).


EGPO is responsible for performing the following functions:

  • Developing property legislations, utility models, lay‐out designs of integrated circuits, restricted information, relations, commercial data, geographical indications, industrial graphics and designs, and copyright.
  • Providing the Egyptian users with the necessary patents' information relevant to various development activities.
  • Registering patent application for local & foreign inventions.
  • Granting and issuing patents to protect the rights of Egyptian & foreigner inventors.
  • Collecting foreign patent applications and classifying them to be accessible for examiners and users.
  • Transferring the technological information from the patents all over the world and provide it to the specialists in order to develop their works as well as developing local industries.
  • Supporting the participation of inventors in exhibitions and honors.
  • Monthly publishing the official patent gazette which includes filed, accepted application, granted patents done applications and patents


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