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"Market Opportunity Mapping" series of three days’ workshops at Cairo,Tanta and Sohag

"Market Opportunity Mapping" series of three days’ workshops at Cairo,Tanta and Sohag

“Market Opportunity Mapping” is the title of a series of three days’ workshops at Cairo,Tanta and Sohag are organized by USAID, Technology Innovation Commercialization Office (TICO) affiliated to the Academy of Scientific Research and Technology (ASRT), and the Ministry of Trade and industry.

These workshops will be conducted within the mandate of USAID’s Strengthening Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development (SEED) project to offer technical support to business service providers, entrepreneurs, and micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) to help develop new business ideas, strengthen essential business development services, introduce new financial tools, and enhance financial literacy and management. These workshops focus on the role of TICOs in the process of technology transfer and marketing, to develop the efficiency and sustainability of TICOs services, improving the quality and to be more reachable, accessible all over Egypt.

After The 1st workshop that was held in Cairo on 24-26/12/2016; Prof. Mahmoud Sakr emphasized that it is very important to replicate these workshops in other cities like Tanta and Sohag to share knowledge and support TTO to the north and south of Egypt, While Prof. Adam Safer, chief of party of USAID`s SEED project, stated that the 1st workshop in Cairo on Market Opportunity Mapping, is a developed example to tackle the marketing process and to market technologies by defining and understanding the market needs and private sector demands as well to provide efficient practical tools to develop the technology to meet those demands. It also integrated entrepreneurship thought with research and development institutions to use the private sector potentials and opportunities.

This initiative, which is considered the first in Egypt, succeed to gather all the Egyptian TTOs from different governorates to exchange their experience and knowledge, Selected number of Egyptian TTO executive seniors and managers participate in these workshops .

The 2nd workshop will be conducted at Tanta (Arafa Hotel) during the period from 27-29/12/2016

This workshop will tackle the problem of technology commercialization in the Egyptian universities that usually appears when the researcher develops new technology and seek the right opportunity in the market but in many cases the presented technology does not meet the market demand, the existing needs of private sector is rarely considered thus the process of commercialization fails regardless of the efforts done. 

The workshop will provide the techniques and skills to guide the process of technology transfer by market demands increasing the success chances of TTO. Also during this workshop the following issues will be discussed:

How to determine market opportunities? How to adapt technology to market opportunities? How to determine the best match between available technology and market opportunities? How to deal effectively with private sectors and researches during the commercialization? How to successfully manage the process of technology transfer?